Creér la Vitalité

A new reference paradigm and engineering: The Ethical Leadership and the « Human Centered Global Quality (Qualité Globale à Dimension Humaine)® »

Health and Vitality have to be addressed from a radically innovative point of view in order to generate a true reversal of the situation.

“Create Vitality” uses the concepts and engineering of the “Master for the Development of Ethical Leadership” (Cabinet Recherches et Evolution). Managers and consultants are trained to a new management and leadership approach. This course aims to give rise to and support major paradigm shifts in the key fields of responsibility (vision, strategy, innovation, performance dynamic, culture and values), in order to create both innovation and positive effects for the society.
The company or organisation becomes a leader and also a pioneer, by contributing to the positive resolution of the current greatest global challenges.

Need to impulse a new leadership model in the field of Health, an Ethical Leadership
Ethical Leadership allows to reconcile growth, ethics and humanism, economic prosperity and social responsibility. It allows as well deploying innovative strategies, in this case in the field of Health.


Taking in account economic performance together with global human needs

This course allows developing a strong expertise in providing support to executive teams in order to create a vision and implement a strategy, both innovative and ethical, that take in account economic performance together with global human needs.

Ethical Leadership allows combining growth, ethics and humanism, economic prosperity and social and societal responsibility. It is therefore especially well suited to design and implement innovative strategies for the promotion of Health and Vitality.

The “Human Centered Global Quality (Qualité Globale à Dimension Humaine)®”: An innovative quality reference concept with high standards.

The main concept of the Ethical Leadership is based on “Human Centered Global Quality (Qualité Globale à Dimension Humaine)®” (Edel Gött - Recherches et Evolution). It is a reference for the high quality functioning of companies and organizations and the creation of a norm is in progress.

This reference aims to get the highest possible quality for any human production. It starts by a creative, positive and human values-based vision, from the outset of the design of the product or service. Then it goes on along all the company processes (Research and development, industrialization, marketing and sales, support functions, the service or product itself). It involves also measurement of the positive effects on the company or organization employees (such as their lack of stress and their well-being, and therefore the effects on their relatives through the quality of experience they import at home, outside of their work), as well as the measurement of the effects on the environment, the future and the future generations.

Applied to Health, this system of reference allows conceiving human beings in good health, globally, at every level, and conceiving companies that promote Health and Vitality, inside towards employees as well as outside, through the effects of the company’s activity.

Based upon this reference, every company can reposition itself towards promoting Health and Vitality, in a contributive and ethical way, and make it a differentiation and performance lever.

Which repositioning for a food processing company?

Offering good and appetizing products with nutritional value together with marketing services that include health education, dietetic and culinary advices for a healthy life and helping the families to buy healthy, to cook easy and to respect its budget… Which positioning could better develop customer’s loyalty and make the difference?

Which repositioning for the department stores and supermarkets?

Helping the families to fill their trolley with well-balanced and healthy products while taking in account their budget. Offering a new type of educational services, really attractive that give health information. Beyond the national purchase agreements, which partnerships with local producers of quality products?

Which repositioning for the institutional catering?

By taking advantage of the millions of meals served daily, offer varied, healthy, well-balanced and exemplary food while be as well health actors, by providing nutritional education and beyond that, health education through teaching and entertaining tools.

Which repositioning for the health insurances?

By becoming not just actors of disease coverage but true health actors who provide health education through innovative services and offers, that meet the needs of individuals, according to their situation and that should not be “marketing gimmicks” but the reflection of a true sustainable strategy for health promotion…

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